International Conference on
Quantitative Ethnography 2020

ICQE21 Conference Coming Soon

About ICQE

Building on the success of ICQE19, the Second International Conference on Quantitative Ethnography will bring together scholars seeking to meaningfully analyze and interpret large amounts of rich qualitative data. Quantitative ethnographic approaches have been used in a variety of fields, including learning analytics, history, and systems engineering, to understand human behavior and interaction. The goal of ICQE is to foster a community of researchers interested in sharing ideas, resources, and inspiration. 


Simon Buckingham Shum

Abigail Wooldridge

Eric Hamilton

Kamila Misiejuk

Jun Oshima

Guadalupe Carmona-Dominguez

Mamta Shah

Marta Jackowska

Important Dates

July 1

Submission deadline

September 7

Notification date

September 28

Final revisions due

October 26

Proceedings published

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